climate and pollution charts

here are some charts about how we're ruining our planet...

Six Decades of Carbon Dioxide Concentration in the Atmosphere

Here's a chart of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere that I am updating every month. It's a version of the kneeling curve, where the line is split by decade. The unit ppm means "part per million".


Atmospheric Methane Concentration by Decade

Here's a similar chart but for Methane instead of Carbon Dioxide. It shows globally-averaged, monthly mean atmospheric methane abundance determined from marine surface sites.


Plastic waste output per person in 2010

Turns out Germans were amongst the biggest plastic polluters on the planet, generating almost 15kg of plastic waste per person each month.

Plastic waste output per person in 2019 (map version)

Global carbon emission vs IPCC pathway to 1.5 degrees

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humans are the worst